Cash Fortune, the Latest Free Slot Game on Playstore

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Have you played one of the free slot games on the Play Store, called Cash Fortune?

If you are starting to feel bored playing complicated games that require a lot of strategy or skill, maybe it’s time for you to try a simple one. Among the many types of Android games, slot games can be the one you try.

This type of game has a very simple way of playing. You only need to press a button to spin (spin) the slot machines. To win the game, you must succeed in getting the same row of pictures or characters on the slot machine you are playing at.

If you are interested in trying this type of free slot game, then Cash Fortune can be an slot game online option that you can try.

Cash Fortune, the New Free Slot Game on the Play Store

Cash Fortune is a free slot game developed and distributed on the Playstore by game developer, Galaxy Entertainment Limited. Cash Fortune is the first android game product of Galaxy Entertainment Limited on Playstore.

This slot game comes with a simple game interface, but has high game graphics. Not only that, this Cash fortune game also presents a large selection of free slot machines, which gives the sensation of playing slots in the gambling city of Las Vegas.

Cash Fortune is also one of the free slot games that offers many bonuses, from welcome bonuses to hourly bonus coins that you can claim. The amount of welcome bonus offered by this game is quite large, 1 million coins. There is also a free Mega Bonus Wheel that you can play to get more coins in this game.

The Cash Fortune game is considered as one of the games that was recently released on the Play Store. However, this game managed to attract quite a lot of attention from slot game fans. Until this review was released, more than 500 thousand Android users had downloaded this Cash Fortune game.

Free Slot Game Features, Cash Fortune

Let’s continue to talk about the game features offered by this Cash Fortune game. This game offers quite a lot of exciting game features. One of them called the Tournament Prize Tool.

This feature allows you to join slot tournaments and win a number of bonuses from the Super Prize Tool. Not only that, this game also has a Quest Challenge feature. This feature allows you to complete all challenges in the game to win a number of prizes.

You can also enjoy the VIP Room & Sweet Treatment features in this game. This feature provides a large selection of exclusive slot machines that you can access. But to enjoy it, you need to make your game account a VIP status.

Android Specifications Needed in Playing Cash Fortune Games

To play the Cash Fortune slot game, the Android Smartphone specifications you need are not too high. You can play this android game on an Android Smartphone with OS version 4.4 or above.

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However, it must be admitted that this game has a file size large enough for the casino game category. The file size of the Cash Fortune game is 101 MB.

Those are some of our reviews regarding free slot games from Galaxy Entertainment Limited, Cash Fortune. How is that? Is this one Android slot game enough to catch your eye?

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