Is Gambling Legal in France? 4 Useful Explanations

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People who are from across the country may ask is gambling legal in France? You may also ask that question when you want to come to that country which has been known as the romantic country. Hmm… it is interesting to inform you. 

As not all the countries allow the citizens or even tourists to play gambling legally, because gamble is prohibited. However, what about in France?. 

Perhaps, if you read the origins history of gamble you will find out the answer. Okay, okay… do not get mad. You will know the brief explanations in here. 

Is Gambling Legal in France? Answer Revealed!

1. The History 

In France, gambling has gone through several periods. In some novels, the ability to play was pictured as a sign of good manners, implying that any aristocrat was a gamer. 

When gambling dens began to close in the 1840s, players were forced to seek entertainment in underground houses and clubs. 

Finally, the gambling industry in France was made illegal by local authorities. Due to legal proceedings, some residents have even been forced to flee the country.

Gambling was legalized at the beginning of the nineteenth century. As a result, a new wave of games swept across the country, but this time everything was already in accordance with local regulations. 

Only in designated resort areas was gambling permitted. Lottery tickets, horse racing betting tips, and other forms of entertainment have all grown in popularity, in addition to slot machines and card games. The introduction of online gambling has only motivated the French gambling addiction.

Few casinos in France are as wonderful as Lyon Vert and Palais de la Méditerranée in Nice. Both of these casinos are glamorous gambling establishments.

Lyon Vert Casino is France’s largest casino, with approximately 400 slot machines. There are also Stud Poker tables, Roulette wheels, and Blackjack tables. 

Players must be at least 18 years old to play in the game. The player should also have some form of identification, and the visitor should adhere to the dress code.

The casino hotel “Palais de la Mediterranee” is a lovely place with wonderful interiors. The wonderful interiors are inspired by Egyptian, Greek, and 1930s French styles. The casino hotel has eleven table games tables, including six American Roulette tables and two French Roulette tables.

The Gambling Law in France

The Gambling Law in France

Gambling is legal in France authorized by the Justice Ministry. In addition it is controlled by Le Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) and its affiliate, Le Pari Mutuel Hippodrome (PMH).

Around 20% of betting occurs on-course, with the remaining 80% occurring off-course in PMU-licensed café kiosks and bars.

France has 160 state-licensed casinos. Sous Direction des Courses et des Jeux is a special police force in France that monitors all types of casino games, from illegal betting to casino licenses, doping, race fixing, and information selling.

Poker Game in France

Poker Game in France

France is popular for the poker rooms, and the tournaments held there are eagerly awaited by all poker enthusiasts. 

The World Poker Tour tournament is held at the leading Parisian poker salon, Aviation Club de France, and each year the number of players doubles previous records. 

This tournament impresses some of the world’s most famous personalities and poker champions, and the prize pool offered by ACF is incredible. 

France also supports and hosts numerous charity tournaments and poker events, which only adds to the game’s popularity in the country.

Online Gambling in France

Online Gambling in France

You can find the number of online casinos on the internet, and they are extremely popular among the French. As French casinos face restrictions, the French gambling craze is leading them to online casinos. 

These casinos cater to the needs of gamblers who want to play their favorite casino games online. Popular games include French Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, and slots. Therefore, is gambling legal in France? The answer is yes!. Now, you can play and place your bets safely.