Your 10 Year Old Kid Get a Go on PS4? Here are PS4 Games for Kids Under 10 You Should Get Them

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As a parent, you will face the time when your kids turn 10 and want to play more games on PS4. Or, they got bored with the baby games they used to play. Some parents may feel worried about what their kids have played on PS4. It makes sense if you dig into what PS4 games for kids under 10 your kids might like.

Parents who happen to be the first generation of gaming should know better about PS4 games for kids under 10. It is because they have passed the journey of a console game. From Nintendo to Sega and now PlayStation. You must have known that there are some games that are unsuitable for kids under 10.

But, forcing or forbidding kids not to play games on PS4 is impossible. So, the best thing you can do is give them PS4 games for kids under 10 that might suit them.

Age Limitation, Is Kids Under 10 Should Play PS4 Games?

Honestly, there is no age limit or age safe to play PlayStation. Gaming is now a staple for adults and kids because it is part of entertainment today. Parents who live in the digital world should notice that PlayStation is part of our lives. So, it will be useless to forbid your kids from playing PS4. The hard approach will give a bad impact instead.

But, you must protect your kids anyway. Kids under 10 still become parent’s responsibility because they still consider kids. They don’t know what is good or what is bad. They will play any game if they have it no matter what the game contains. Whether it could be violence, addiction, and also sexual harassment. You must control this thing but not forbid it.

All you can do is give them games that are suitable for their age. Even better, games that stimulate their mind and creativity. Also, you must limit their gaming time. Your kids need to play in the real world more than playing in the imaginary world. Remember that their time as kids is limited and it will not repeat. So, selecting the right game and limiting their gaming time is the best thing you can do.

PS4 Games for Kids Under 10

We are aware that you can find anything on the internet such as games titles. But, finding the right game for your 10-year-old kid can be overwhelming. Not to mention that most game producers claim their game suitable for 10-year-old kids. Wrong information about games might cause you so much trouble.

So, we are here to ease your misery. We have compiled the best PS4 game for kids under 10 with your children safely playing. Check the following list of PS4 games for kids under 10:

1. Crash Bandicoot – Insane Trilogy

Age Limitation, Is Kids Under 10 Should Play PS4 Games?

Through Crash Bandicoot-Insane Trilogy, Sony presents classic PSX to Playstation 4 along with Naughty Dog. This is a jump and running game that gives so much fun experience. Jump and run feels less depressing and tiring because it combines with neat order of levels. You’re under 10-year-old kids will have a less stressful gaming experience.

Thus, Crash Bandicoot-Insane Trilogy is included as the best PS4 games for kids under 10 in 2021 and also released for Age 6+ kids. There are 3 packages of games in this trilogy such as Crash Bandicoot, Crash 2 Cortex Strikes Back, Crash Bandicoot 4: Warped. It is also very affordable because you get 3 games with only paying for 1 game.

2. LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

We all agree that LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is the best game for, well, kids of every age. It is simply because no one can resist not falling in love with LEGO. Not just Marvel, there are more LEGO game series such as LEGO Batman, LEGO Jurassic World, and LEGO Indiana Jones. Everybody loves LEGO so it’s safe for your 10-year-old kid.

Additionally, this game is highly recommended for your kids because it shows open-world action by rendering LEGO from famous characters and locations. Also, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is so cooperative so that you can play together with your kid. But, even if it’s safe and cooperative, you must apply a gaming time limit because this game is so hard to leave. No one wants to leave the superhero world.

3. Sonic Forces

Sonic is a classic character that may grow up with you. The difference is your age catches you but not for Sonic, too bad. So, you can always choose Sonic Forces as a game your kids can play. You don’t need to worry your kids would not be interested in this game because of its display. They would think Sonic Forces would be in 2D.

Fortunately, Sonic Forces take your kids to a classic world but in the 3D picture which is great. They will be in the world where Dr. Eggman reigns. Also, they must fight a powerful bad boy named Infinite. So, be a good accomplishment to your kids in helping Sonic build an army and new seize the realm back.

4. PS4 Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most playing games in console gaming. It is also the most reviewed game on YouTube and Internet with more than 42 million searches. This game is all about building an imaginary world from bricks and blocks. It is an open-world game loved by everyone from every age especially kids. This game has no particular rule and players are free to do anything.

There are several attractive plots such as survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode, hardcore, and also multiplayer. This PS4 Minecraft even has a crossplay option where players can play with friends from a different console. This game is suitable for kids under 10 because they are free to be anyone and do anything. From building houses, bridges, exploring the world, and even fighting zombies.

5. Knack 2

We cannot say from Knack 2 review is the best game for kids, but kids can play it under 10 with parents’ supervision. For kids that are new to the console gaming world, this game might be suited to them. It is because this game provides a Co-Pop mode that allows kids to train their skills in cooperation.

Parents should supervise because some kids may find this game a bit difficult. You can help them when they feel difficult to fight their opponent and enhance other players in the fight. Besides, you can help them control their joystick and let other experienced players finish the task.

6. LEGO Jurassic World

This game is a classic franchise you might want to introduce your kids to. But you have to notice that whether they are familiar with Jurassic World, some scenes may seem a bit scary. But, this game is the best choice as a bridge for kids who never see the movie. Also, this game is a levitation from dinosaur toy to dinosaur in the gaming console world.

The storyline itself is very interesting and challenging. Players will get full stories of four worlds of dinosaurs such as Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, and also Jurassic World. The display in this game is more suitable for kids than the actual movie. You can download LEGO Jurassic World on PlayStation at any time.

7. Rayman Legends

PS4 games for kids under 10 have never been as good as Rayman Legends. It is a colorful, bright, and big adventure of a deep-sea world. It is also amusing and entertaining that will make your kids adore you for giving it to them. They will experience how to live under the sea and fight some mystical creature.

In this game, players must fight enemies from ugly fish to dragons. Anything with dragons is always amusing and addictive. What makes this game more interesting is the music and the task. New tasks and adventure are the keys in Rayman Legends. This game also allows players to team up with the other 4 players. So, parents are always allowed to play this game.

8. Rocket League

A 10-year-old boy will always love cars and ball games. So, what they need more to accomplish their happiness is a drop of challenge and competition. Rocket League is the best way to get it all, games and competition. This is actually a football game with a car as a player that can jump in the air. Well, the ball is big, we know it, but that is the way the challenge is.

But, this game might cause addiction because of the endless fun of it. You must pay attention or take surveillance on their gaming time. Your kids need to rest, play with neighbors, and ride a bike across the neighborhood. So, you must implement your own rule of the game.

9. Ratchet and Clank

This game is a reincarnation of PS classic Ratchet and Clank. In this PS4 Ratchet and Clank review, the friendship of rebellious robots Ratchet, Lombax the furry, and Clank the stubborn. Your kids will feel and join their adventure in saving the galaxy from the enemies who desire to destroy the whole universe.

At every level, that trio will defeat all-new bosses and complete tasks. The visual in this game is eye-friendly though it is a bit classic for modern kids. But, it’s a good introduction for your kids to childhood favorites characters.

Selecting PS4 games for kids under 10 can be tricky if you don’t know where to dig and what to pick. But, with the above guidance, we believe your headache will ease. Don’t forget to accompany your children when playing to avoid any bad influence.

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