Top 4 Popular Games of Betting in France to Play

Top 4 Popular Games of Betting in France to Play

Betting in France is popular and has a long story there, with some of Europe’s oldest and grandest gaming establishments located. 

The country has also supported the development of a number of popular casino games. In France, there are over 200 casinos and nearly 20 bingo halls, and all forms of betting are regulated and licensed by the government. 

The Ministry of the Interior and the Minister of Finance are responsible for directing and regulating gaming and casino betting, horse race betting, sports betting, and lotteries.

Therefore, let’s move to the nex information about betting that you can do in France. 

History and Legislation of Betting in France

History and Legislation of Betting in France
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1. The Overview History

The country’s gaming history dates back to the 16th century, when the French introduced the Queen into the deck of cards. 

France is also known as the founder of roulette, which began in the 17th century, and pari-mutuel betting, which began in the 18th century.

betting has long been and continues to be legal in France in most Casinos. However, gaming activities in the country are regulated by the appropriate authorities.

In 1987, the country limited the legal betting age from 21 to 18. A year later, France legalized slot machines, making it one of the most betting-friendly countries in Europe.

PMU Logo betting legalization in the country generally means that brick-and-mortar operators can offer casino and card games, as well as racing and sports book betting. 

Web-based operators, on the other hand, are permitted to provide the same services as land-based operators, with the exception of casino games.

Despite the excessive regulation, the current gaming legislation in France includes high taxes, which are regarded as one of the barriers licensed gaming websites face in this business

2. Relevant Legislation

Many forms of betting are legal in France, making it a betting-friendly country. There are currently three main organizations in charge of regulatory functions: Française des Jeux, ARJEL, and Pari Mutuel Urbain.

The Francaise des Jeux is in charge of regulating lotteries and sports betting. ARJEL is solely concerned with online betting regulation, whereas Pari Mutuel Urbain is primarily concerned with horse racing. 

ARJEL currently grants licenses to operators who want to offer online casino and betting services to local residents. No licenses are issued for casino games, exchange betting, or spread betting.

3. Online Betting

When France comes to online betting, this part of the industry is legal. In 2005, the country began to embrace online gaming operations. 

Since then, significant changes in national laws governing the regulation and taxation of bizarre web-based casinos, Internet poker, and sportsbook websites have occurred in France.

Despite the country’s initial interest, the European Commission thoroughly examined the market and declared it noncompliant with European Union regulations. That is why the Commission demanded that the country amend its betting laws.

Popular Games of Betting in France

Popular Games of Betting in France

You may wonder what are the games that you can play for betting in Casino France. Yes, these are the popular games that you can try. 

1. Poker

Who does not know Poker? Poker is a card game that is the most popular in Casinos. When you play this game in France, you will know some terms that players will always shout while betting.

2. Roulette

This game needs a table and a wheel for betting. You can play Roulette in some Casinos and compete for the lucky chance. Generally, the color of a Roulette wheel is green, red, and black. 

3. Slots

Then, this is the simplest game for betting. You just need to guess the symbol which will appear in the machine. You do not need a master strategy to win here because no one can predict what will be shown. In the end, betting in France is legal and will make you happy. You can bet from online or even offline Casinos.

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