Twin Spin Deluxe Slot, Netent's Cluster Pays Slot

Twin Spin Deluxe Slot, Netent’s Cluster Pays Slot

Twin Spin Deluxe Slot is a new innovation from NetEnt game provider. It is designed with the familiar layout of a slot machine such as Fruit, Queen, 7 (Seven), Diamond, Bell and Bar symbols alternate. So, it gives a high win in the right combination. The music of the game and the way the neon colored symbols stand out against the dark background gives you a kind of 80’s era feeling. 

Twin Spin Deluxe works with 6 reels with five rows (ie 30 squares on the screen) and pays out if certain symbols form clusters with each other. It works differently than the paylines that you are used to with other slot games. NetEnt manages to maintain a varied range of casino games. Read on to find out how to win at Twin Spin Deluxe and what surprises await you.

Twin Spin Deluxe Slot Review

Twin Spin Deluxe Slot
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Twin Spin Deluxe works a little differently from the other slot games you may have already seen. Twin Spin Deluxe offers players the concept of ‘Cluster Pays’. There are no paylines that give you specific payouts. Instead, the aim of this game is to form clusters, or groups of a certain symbol. 

The bigger the cluster, the higher the payout. You play on no less than six reels. Each reel shows 5 symbols. So, you can match the symbols over 5 rows. The largest number of matching symbols is 6×5 means 30 symbols.

The clusters work in a simple way. You click and spin the reels as you would in any slot game. The aim is to get at least 9 equal symbols on all 6 reels on the screen. These symbols must be adjacent to each other. In that case, they form a cluster. The more of the same symbols you get in the cluster, the higher your win.

Special Features 

Another special feature is the Twin Real Feature. There are no wilds or special bonus rounds in this game that you can activate for extra winnings. Instead, Twin Spin Deluxe slot offers a special feature that you can take advantage of. In every spin, two of the six reels are selected that will show the same symbols during the spin. This significantly increases your chance of extra coins.

These two identical twin reels can even expand to three, four, five or even all six reels, making the smash hit even bigger in every spin. The best thing about this feature is that you have a chance to win this every spin and you always have a minimum of two identical reels. You don’t have to collect scatters, wilds or keys to get extra wins.

What is the Challenge?

Besides the special Cluster Pays and Twin Spin Feature, which challenge you to come up with a new strategy. If you want to get to know the game better first, you can play it for free directly from the website. 

NetEnt provider offers players the chance to try out the game for fun with a fake balance. Under the ‘I’ button at the bottom left of the game’s screen you can read more information about the payouts for different match-ups. Different clusters yield different amounts.

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