The Story of an Australian Online Gambler Whose life is Ruined Due to Online Gambling

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The following story of an online gambler will teach you about how bad the impact of being involved in online gambling. Online gambling addiction can not only drain the contents of your wallet and savings. But there are also many other negative impacts that are very broad ranging from the risk of experiencing mental to physical disorders. This is what an Australian online gambler wants to tell you.

The Story of an Online Gambler, Sourced From a True Story 

Before getting into the story, in order to protect the privacy of the source, we will disguise the name of the character in this story, for now let’s just call him Alex.

In his story, Alex mentions that he is a gambler who has been in the world of online gambling for a long time. Starting his story, Alex shared that he was jailed in 2014 for being involved in a white-collar scam.

He stole a very large amount of money, amounting to 130,000 dollars or around 1.3 billion rupiah at the time. Alex said he did this to satisfy his insatiable desire to gamble.

Instead of choosing live gambling, Alex prefers to take part in online gambling, whether it’s casino gambling or online poker. The number of gambling bets that Alex himself participated in was quite large, around 5,000 dollars (50 million) to 20,000 dollars (200 million). 

Surprisingly, Alex was following the big bets every day. Even in his story, he also mentions that he had lacked sleep because he took part in online racing gambling betting and then joined again to gamble 3 hours later.

When he started to feel addicted to online gambling (before he was imprisoned), actually Alex already had a wife and 2 beautiful daughters. He also works in a local government office with a fairly bona fide position, namely financial manager.

What is quite unique from the story, Alex reveals that he feels that his body may be with his family, but his mind is always on the online gambling site.

“When can I bet?

“How do I get money to bet?”

“Can I win the bet?”

All of these things are things that are often on the mind of this Australian online gambler. Even while watching his two daughters take a bath, Alex alternates them by betting online gambling. He thinks of gambling as his life 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Low Point In Alex’s Life

Because his online gambling habit is quite severe, Alex has come to the point where he is in a very large amount of debt. Alex shared that he had experienced dealing with 2 large debt collectors who beat him and asked him to pay off his debts.

He still remembers the nervousness when he told about his bad experience being beaten by the debt collector . 

To pay off his debt, a crazy idea crossed Alex’s mind, namely stealing money from his office. Alex revealed at that moment, he knew very well that what he did was wrong. But somehow, he still did it.

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Until one day, his theft was realized by the head of his office. He was also summoned by the CEO and a number of other office officials. Continuing his story, he mentioned that they showed some evidence of the theft committed by Alex. He ended up in prison for the crimes he committed.

After that incident, Alex’s life was completely destroyed starting from the breakdown of his marriage to the loss of his right to meet his two children. Alex made up for the habit of gambling online which he did at a very high price.

Maybe it can be said that this is the biggest defeat that he got in his life, other than in online gambling games.

Suggestions So You Don’t Fall Like Alex

Listening to Alex’s story above, surely you understand a little about how severe the impact of online gambling is. So that you are not Alex the next gambler, there are a few suggestions that you should probably listen to.

  • Never try online gambling . How tempting gambling games are, never risk your life trying online gambling games. Because it is the riskiest bet in life.
  • Think about the fate of your family. From Alex’s story, it can be seen the end of the family he leads. It ended in divorce. Therefore, make sure you think twice about the future of your family before deciding to gamble.
  • Avoid debt . Debt may solve your financial problems for a while, but it is also a ticking time bomb that can threaten your life at times when you can’t solve it.

That is one of the stories of an online gambler that may be a lesson for us that online gambling always brings misery to its addicts. For this reason, you should try your best not to get involved with this online gambling.

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