Dampak Buruk Judi Online Bagi Kesehatan Mental Hingga Keamanan Data

The Bad Impact of Online Gambling For Mental Health

The bad impact of online gambling is not only about financial conditions, there are many other bad effects caused by this game. This time we will describe all these impacts for you.

The growth of online gambling sites to date can indeed be said to be quite crazy. Just imagine, according to one reliable data, it is known that the growth of online gambling sites has increased by 23% so far this year.

The increasing growth of illegal sites on the Indonesian internet network leaves a result, where more and more people are falling into online gamblers. Even though the bad impact of online gambling can also be bad for ourselves and also those around us.

The Bad Impact of Getting Addicted to Online Gambling

Bad Impact of Online Gambling
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One of the bad impact of online gambling or is the risk of getting addicted. All things that are excessive will certainly have a negative impact on gambling, especially if the excessive thing is playing gambling.

If you get used to always playing online gambling with a fairly frequent frequency, then in the future you will have the potential to become an acute online gambling addict who is difficult to stop. Why does it happen?

This can be explained medically. In the medical world, the term compulsive gambling is known which describes the condition of a person who has difficulty holding back from playing gambling. This is due to abnormal brain activity of the person experiencing it.

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The brain of people who regularly play online gambling can slowly experience changes in brain activity, namely the activation of parts of the brain associated with dopamine production . For information only, this dopamine is a hormone in the body that causes a feeling of happiness. 

In people who like to play gambling, this brain activation tends to be excessive and makes dopamine production increase. This is the reason why many online gamblers feel happy when they can participate in gambling games.

Not only dopamine, adrenaline production from people who play online gambling is also fairly high. This causes them to get a thrilling sensation when playing online gambling.

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Your Mental Conditions Can Be Disturbed

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When you have suffered from online gambling addiction, there will be many other bad impact of online gambling effects that will come to you. One of them is a mental disorder. 

Although there are not many reviews about the bad impact of online gambling on Indonesian-language sites. However, there are quite a number of posts from outside websites that tell about mental health disorders that can be experienced by people who play online gambling.

One of the most trusted reviews comes from The National Gambling Helpline in the United Kingdom, England. This institution revealed that in the last 5 years alone there have been around 30 thousand complaints about gambling addiction in the UK.

What is even more sad and at the same time astonishing is that most of the complaints state that the mental condition of the gambling addicts is in quite a worrying condition. 

The Emergence of Financial Problems

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The bad impact of online gambling not only causes addicts to have a high potential for mental health problems. The emergence of financial problems is also another negative impact that can arise if you are involved with online gambling games, especially if you are addicted.

As previously mentioned, people who are addicted to online gambling will feel a happy sensation and also get their adrenaline pumped when playing online gambling. This is what makes it difficult for them to stop, even though they have lost so much. 

If it continues, you can definitely guess what things might happen, from depleted savings to potential debt entanglements. This is one of the reasons why online gambling is also referred to as one of the ills of society that can lead to poverty.

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Your Privacy And Data Security is at stake!!

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Still related to the Bad Impact of Online Gambling from online gambling. If you play online gambling, it is certain that the security of your privacy data will also be in a threatened status. Why is that?

Privacy data security is currently still a hotly debated issue on the Internet, where there are many cases of misuse of privacy data that have occurred to date. Visiting and becoming a user on an online gambling site means that you are ready to risk the security of that privacy data.

The reason is, there are so many online gambling sites that abuse data from users or users. Some use it to break into personal accounts of users such as credit cards, ATMs and others. 

There are also some cases, where the privacy data information is sold to certain companies or parties, so you too can become a random marketing target for brands or products that you don’t actually follow.

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The Bad Impact Of Online Gambling: Being The Cause Of Suicide!! 

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If previously discussed that playing online gambling can cause addicts to experience mental disorders, this is not the worst impact caused by playing online gambling. The bad impact of gambling which can be considered very Bad Impact of online gambling can be the cause of someone committing suicide. 

Again citing data released by The National Gambling Helpline in the United Kingdom, researchers from this institution say that one of the Bad Impact of Online Gambling is that the number of attempted suicides in the UK is quite high every year. 

Quite a number of these experimental cases were allegedly motivated by frustration due to online gambling addiction. Not even a few of the perpetrators of suicide attempts are still in their productive age.

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The Reasons Why People Fall Into Online Gambling

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Even though they already know the Bad Impact of Online Gambling, what is enough to scratch their heads is the fact that there are still so many people who fall into playing online gambling. Why does this happen?

One of the things that is thought to be the cause of the many people who fall into games that are banned in many countries, including Indonesia, is the desire to try new things. Starting from a desire and a little hope of wanting to be rich in one night, many people do not realize they have been ensnared by the charm of online gambling. 

Maybe at first they will start with small bets and intend just to have fun . But without them realizing it, maybe the bad impact of gambling will lead to addiction. The reason is because of the sensation of tension that online gambling games offer, until we finally return to gambling again and again.

The potential for addiction will even be greater if you have felt the victory of playing online gambling. Even though you only win a little, but you will feel satisfaction and hope to be able to win again the next bet.

In addition to curiosity or curiosity, a bad social environment is also thought to be a trigger for someone to be trapped as an online gambling player. If you hang out in a less positive environment, where there are your friends who play online gambling. Then there will be a very high possibility that you will fall into playing online gambling.

In addition, lack of knowledge about religion can also be another factor that causes someone to fall into online gambling. Lack of religious insight about the prohibition and sin will make someone oversimplify things that are actually self-destructive.

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How To Not Fall Into Being an Online Gambling Player 

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If those of you who are reading this review are one of the people who have not fallen into the bad impact of online gambling, this is one thing that deserves appreciation. But on the other hand, there is nothing wrong if you remain vigilant so as not to be fascinated by the seduction of this game. 

In this regard, maybe it will be able to help you in reducing the potential for falling into online gambling games.

Block Access To Online Gambling

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Prevention is always better than cure, blocking online gambling sites such as lottery gambling sites, casinos and others is a very good preventive step for you to do. This will prevent you from visiting inappropriate sites . 

To block sites such as online gambling yourself, you can do it in various ways, starting from using browser extensions, certain applications and others. You can directly browse about the bad impact of gambling.

Start Choosing a Good Social Environment 

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If you currently still often gather with friends with negative hobbies such as drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking or even gambling. Instead, you start limiting yourself or even avoiding the social environment.

As mentioned earlier, engaging in negative associations can leave you mired in negativity as well. Start switching to a social environment that if it will bring positive for your lifestyle and also the formation of your character.

Engage In Positive Activities

One antidote to the thought of trying negative things is to involve yourself in many positive activities. If you currently have a lot of empty agendas, start by filling those empty agendas with activities that would be positive.

You can add some positive activities to your routine such as exercising, reading or learning a new skill (self-taught or by taking a course).

Try Transferring Your Finances

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Even though you can make money yourself, trying to entrust people you really trust such as family, wife or lover is not a bad thing. Especially if you are one of the people who are not good at financial management.

Try to divert your finances to be managed by your family or someone you trust. If you still live with your parents, ask your mother to hold your credit card and ATM card and ask to provide an allowance according to your needs every month.

Doing this will not only make your finances more frugal. But it also reduces your potential to use your finances for negative things such as gambling online.

Get Closer to God

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Thoughts of trying negative things can also arise when your relationship with God is strained. God is the guiding light in life, if you turn away from that light, then you will get lost and find it difficult to return.

For that, always try to strengthen your relationship with the creator. Begin not to get used to leaving your worship. Don’t forget to also try to take the time to follow your religious studies. This will make knowledge more focused and calm. So it is hoped that the Bad Impact of Online Gambling will be more controlled.

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How to Cure Online Gambling Addiction Diseases

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If you have friends who have problems with online gambling addiction and want to help them recover from their addiction. Actually there are quite a number of ways to overcome the bad impact of online gambling effects of gambling that you can try. Following are some of them:

Invite Your Friends to Talk

The first thing you can do to help your friend who is addicted to online gambling is to talk to him. When you find out that your friend is involved in online gambling, try to get him to talk privately. For this part, keep the conversation light, don’t be the one who seems to corner him.

After successfully getting your friend’s attention to exchange ideas, start to find out the reason why he can fall into this online gambling. Again, make sure that you don’t come across as intimidating and cornering him.

The last stage, invite your friend to reflect on the bad impact of online gambling changes he experienced after starting to get involved in online gambling games. From here, if it goes well, then you will be able to help him find the resolve to stop gambling online.

Give Your Friends Support 

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After talking to your friend and hopefully his mind is open and wants to stop gambling. So the next step you have to do to overcome the bad impact of online gambling is to give it positive support. 

In this section, you can try to make yourself a friend to talk to about his gambling addiction problem. Give him feedback and suggestions to help him quickly quit his gambling habit.

Pull Him Into A Positive Environment

There is a possibility that your friend is involved in this online gambling because of his inappropriate association. Try to invite your friend to join in a more positive association and can make him forget his gambling habit. 

For example, if you join an English community, you can try to get your friends to join too. Meeting a lot of people with a positive lifestyle will slowly change your friend’s point of view.

Invite Him to Develop Skills

To divert your friend’s mind from gambling again, try to get him to develop the skills he likes or at least needs. For example, if your friend has an interest in the world of drawing or design. You can suggest and direct him to broaden his horizons about these skills, whether it’s self-taught or formally through training.

The more positive activities you do, the faster your friends will progress to forget about their online gambling habits.

Be a Role Model in Worship

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It’s not meant to be fun, but compared to asking orally, giving an example through actual behavior is a step that can be said to be more effective. Try to be a role model regarding worship for your friends, maybe by deliberately leaving them for a moment to worship (not for fun).

You can also occasionally invite him to attend a recitation or religious study. But you have to remember, make sure that you don’t force your friends. Because the problem of worship is a personal thing, so you can’t force your point of view.

If you seem like you’re forcing him to worship, it’s even possible that your friends will stay away from you, because they think you’re pretentious in managing their lives. Try to be as subtle as possible in doing this one point.

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That’s a complete review of bad Impact of online gambling and also along with how to be able to quit this game.

Hopefully this post can be useful for you to avoid or immediately stop playing this gambling game. 

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