How Online Gambling Sites Can Harm Your Data Privacy?

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One of the negative impacts of online gambling is the risk of theft of privacy information. But how can this theft of privacy information occur?. Our review this time will discuss how online gambling sites can harm your data privacy. The growth of online gambling sites on the internet today can be categorized in an alarming status. Because every year, more and more online gambling sites appear on internet searches. 

Citing data from one of the trusted information sites, it is known that 51% of people in the world follow online gambling bets every year. Of course, Indonesia is also one of them.

Other data also reveals that the growth of this online lottery site from 2003 to the present has touched a percentage of 23%. This figure can be said to be a fairly large percentage.

Government Efforts to Eradicate Online Gambling Sites

Associated with the increasing number of online gambling sites that have sprung up, it does not mean that there is no effort from the government to eradicate them. Through the Ministry of Communication and Information , the government has tried to eradicate online gambling sites that appear on Indonesian internet searches. 

This can be seen from the number of negatively charged sites that have been blocked by Kominfo since 2016, which reached 773 thousand sites.

However, this effort can indeed be said to have only had a small impact compared to the current growth in online gambling sites. Even though the existence of online gambling sites, apart from being an illegal act, can also threaten the security of the privacy data of players who are registered in them.

Negative Impact of Online Gambling: Theft of Privacy Data on Online Gambling Sites

Not many know that many illegal sites are spread on the Internet that collect privacy data from visitors or users who are registered in it. In this case, the online gambling site is one of those sites.

The privacy data collected also varies from name, address, ID, email address, cellphone number and others. The privacy data that has been collected can be used for many things, from breaking into your personal accounts to selling your information to a number of parties or companies.

How Does The Theft Of Privacy Data On Online Gambling Sites Happen? 

Online Gambling Sites

But how does the theft of privacy data on this online gambling site happen?. Those of you who are still new to the internet may not realize that when you visit and register on an online gambling site as a gambler, it means that you have submitted your privacy data to the site.

Well, this happens through the registration process or account creation. When you create an account on an online gambling site, you will be faced with a form that you must fill in with valid information. This form is the medium for collecting your privacy data.

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If you visit or register on a verified site and guarantee the security of the data collected, certain things are certainly not a problem. However, most online gambling sites do not promise this. It is possible for the site manager to sell your privacy data or misuse it.

Tips to Avoid Privacy Data Theft

Given the increasing number of cases of privacy data theft today. For those of you who like to surf in cyberspace, you should start paying more attention to the security of your privacy data so that it is not stolen by responsible parties. In this regard, some of these tips may help you.

Avoid Visiting Sites Loaded with Negative Content

Most sites that endanger the security of data from visitors or users are sites that contain negative content, such as gambling and pornography. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to be wise in choosing which sites you will visit. 

You should avoid visiting sites that contain this negative content. It would even be better if you block some sites that you think contain this negative content. 

Avoid Registering on Unverified Sites for Security Keamanan

Another tip that is recommended for you in order to maintain the security of your privacy data is not to register on a site carelessly. Before deciding to register on a site, you should make sure the reputation of the site where you will register. This reputation can be seen from the reviews and comments about the site.

In addition, make sure to also verify the site you are visiting. Sites that are safe to visit will generally have a green padlock icon on the left of the URL bar. While sites that are less secure will have not secure writing on the left of the URL bar.

Use Extension To Block Ads

Sometimes we accidentally visit sites with negative content due to the process of redirecting ads from a site. To avoid this, you can install extensions (chrome browser) or add ons (firefox browser) to block ads while you are on a site.

That’s a little review about the bad impact of online gambling, namely the theft of privacy data. Hopefully this information can be an educational medium to tell many people about the dangers of playing this online gambling.

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