The God of Gambling in Real Life

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In Hong Kong films, we often see people who have great abilities at gambling. But actually, America is a country that is popular because of the world of gambling. There are even some people who are called the gods of gambling.

Who are the God of Gambling in Real Life?

Edward Thorp

Who are the God of Gambling in Real Life?

Edward Thorp is popular with the nickname card counting. This one genius man managed to use his knowledge in the real world. He is also the inventor of the calculation system and holds the title of professor of mathematics and physics. In the early ’60s, he and his friend Claude Shannon went to Las Vegas and became interested in the game of Black Jack.
He managed to find a basic calculation through a system he invented that earned him $ 70,000 a day at the Las Vegas gambling arena. He also wrote a book called “Beat Dealer” in 1962 and it became a best-seller at that time.

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Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus was popular for his frequent cheating. When playing at the roulette table, he was only betting on three $ 5 chips. When he wins, he will scream with joy because it turns out that under the $ 5 chip, there is a $ 500 chip hidden. But if he loses, he will secretly take the $ 500 chip away so he only loses $ 15.

The act of adding chips like this is not something new. Generally, people will add bigger chips when they are sure to win, whereas Marcus will do the opposite. That’s why dealers don’t necessarily think they’re being rigged. In the end, he was caught and convicted, but he has also earned as much as $ 5 million through this trick from casinos around the world.

MIT Blackjack Team

Do you know the MIT Blackjack Team? Source from prediksi Sydney site, this one gambling group is famous all over the world for its spectacular action at the gambling table. The story begins with their hobbies at the Massachusetts Institute and Technology in the ’90s. The meeting discussed blackjack calculations using a statistical-based system. The group consisting of students on campus began to conduct socialization throughout the campus and recruited new members.

In the beginning, this team managed to attract an unknown investor to invest in their fight in Las Vegas. Unexpectedly, they managed to make a profit of up to 400,000 US dollars and became the starting point. Then, they traveled to Europe to make recruits. Their reputation was so famous that they followed them wherever they went until finally, the original members of the team quit. It is said that in just a few years, they made a profit of up to 5 million dollars.

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